Hello there, all right?, Well, firts of all our English is bad, too bad, but we did this site in English too because the majority of Internet speaks in English! This site is made for those guys that think they are hackers, and they know nothing about hacking (like us!) so, read a lot and later teach me! We have to make some changes on the site, for example we gotta fix the java (we had a problem with that) and we gotta make the shareware section, but we are too lazy!! so... plase, sign our guest book and help us, ok? See ya later

MonoLoko and LeChuck


Whats up dude? hehe, well, as u see we do nothing, we didnt update the shareware section and didnt fix the links, but we have news!! We r 4 in our lamming team!! yes, and we r so happy (thats sounds too gay!!!), but really, we r a lamming team, or we pretend to be. So, if u know someone from Buenos Aires, tell him to contact us at irc.dal.net #juas , maybe he could be the next one in our team; yes, i know, why it cant be u, its because we met all Sundays, here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but u can chat with us... so... See ya, and SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK, please!!! :))

Guys from the Argentine Comunity of United Lammers 


We have more news, we r 7 in our comunity! the names of the guys r Pearl_Jam, GravedadZero, Guybrush, Mester_EggDrop, Diego, LeChuck and me, MonoLoko. So if u wanna find us just go to irc.dal.net #juas 

Argentine Comunity of United Lammers 



Hi, well, as u see, we did nothing in all this time, but well, we have a lot of things to tell u, the first is that me have upload the Shareware section, so now u can download them and the other is that we r an "organizated comunity" the guys from the society r working hard for the site, sending theirs info and texts, the guys r: PearlJam, MesterEggDrop, GravedadZero, Guybrush, ZergOvermind, VamXZeo, Blee sth, LeChuck and MonoLoko. Well, see ya

We, the Lammers

These r the staff Guybrush gave us:



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