My Info


Name: Ariel

Nationality: Argentine (Buenos Aires)

Years old: 16

High School: Fernando Fader

Hobbies: I play sax, karate, basketball, chess, magic: the gathering and pc games, i read, chat with my friends and play some magic.

Musik: Clasic, Jazz, RocknRoll (Queen, Aerosmith, Los Redondos, La Renga)

Chat in: #fun-people #argentina



I play some PC games and i go out with my friends. I pass an important part of my time at school, but its great, its about art, we have artesanies, interior desing and grafic desing.

My school friends r great and i enjoy with them. I like to study, im not a nerd, No, NO, but i prefer taking it like a good thing, because i have to do that :).

And the guys from the chat too!! thats what i do when i return home from school, chat, i have a lot on the net and they r great.

As u could see my english is not good :(, but i prefered writing it here so u could know the things that we do here, in Argentina, and im sure, u had a nice time and laugh a lot about my gramatic, jeje..